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Biftu Law LLC makes the trademark registration process simple! We are a boutique intellectual property law firm that handles your trademark registrations from start to finish. We always provide personal trademark and copyright counsel at an affordable flat fee. We offer a full suite of trademark services to protect your logo and brand such as registration, searching, and responding to office actions. Our most popular service is the trademark registration package. It includes (1) a comprehensive search, (2) attorney consultation, and (3) preparation of a US trademark application. You will find that we offer the best trademark registration package price by a licensed attorney AND that we offer exceptional customer service that will exceed your expectations!

Our flat fee trademark registration package includes:







1. Search

First, our attorney conducts a comprehensive search. You may be asking, “what’s the point of searching?” If your trademark is confusingly similar to another trademark application it will be rejected. A comprehensive search will not only minimize the odds you will get a refusal but that a 3rd party will challenge your use of the trademark. If your application is rejected the USPTO will not refund your government fee. Moreover, after you file your application, it is very rare that the USPTO will permit you to change or modify your trademark to meet the USPTO requirements. You will have to file a new application with a new government filing fee. Hiring an attorney could save you hundreds of dollars! We take great care in conducting trademark logo and brand searches. Not only do we utilize powerful industry standard search tools that the largest law firms and corporations employ but we couple these tools with a trade secret algorithm that we personally developed.

2. Consultation

Second, you will receive exceptional customer service! We understand that your trademark is more than a word…it’s the identity of your business. Therefore, we take the time to counsel you on the basics of trademark law and guide you through its complexities without all the technical jargon. We will also give you a basic introduction to trademark law, explain to you the general process of securing a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and of course answer any questions you may have about the trademark process.

3. Application

Finally, a licensed attorney will draft your trademark application personally, never a paralegal. Our attorney understands the common pitfalls in drafting a trademark application such as submitting inappropriate specimens, broad descriptions of goods and services, inconsistent ownership, etc. If after the trademark search and consultation you decide to proceed with filing your trademark application, simply pay the government fee and we will file the trademark application within 24 hours.

United States Trademark Attorney